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The Realistic Cock is molded directly from an erect penis. It is hand colored and detailed to capture every vein, bulge, and crease of a real erect cock right down to the hefty balls. The suction cup base lets it stand on its own. 8 inches long and 2 inches diameter.

8 inches long 2 inches wide

Product Reviews
The most incredible piece of dick I've ever received!! Fills me up with 100% of pleasure. Great for those lonely nights without any risks! Highly recommended.
We went into a sex-shop with my boyfriend, just to have fun, but the moment I saw that dildo on a shelf, I instantly felt impressed. It looked so real. And it perfectly matched the dreams my vagina had. I had never been penetrated by a WELL-endowed lover : I secretly wished I could know how it feels to be completely filled (my experienced friends used to tell me the vaginal orgasm was huge when the cock was huge, and I could guess they didn't lie). My boyfriend (he's on the average side) saw my eyes while I stared at it. He asked the shopkeeper, a woman, to show me the product. She took it and put it in my hand, saying : "It's a best-seller, you see what I mean..." And, wow, it felt so real in my hand ! Soft, flexible and firm, and heavy. And oh-so-thick... My boyfriend asked me if I wanted it. I hesitated. The shopkeeper said : "She wants it, but she won't say it." My boyfriend bought it. And... the Realistic 8 inch isn't just a powerful dildo, it simply is the best COCK I ever had. After 5 minutes it's fully into me and I can't hold my Very Big O any longer : its arrogant width wonderfully stretches my insides, its bell-end slowly massages the bottom of my thankful pussy, the proud size of that dildo truly shapes my vagina walls to the delightful max, I orgasm like crazy, I orgasm endlessly (the first time, I cried a few tears of happiness). It has made me explode with pleasure... I'd say more than 20 goOOod times : we use it once a week (when the children are away : I can't help letting out helpless moans when the firm presence of the Realistic invades the deepest erogenous zones of my cunt). I must say it's not a toy for beginners : you have to be used to vaginal intercourse, before you let that dildo make you feel wonderFULLy FULL. For shameless women who want to upgrade their orgasms. For impatient girls, who feel the need to be really penetrated, by a WELL-hung one. And for men who want to see their girlfriends orgasm to the Female Max. My boyfriend loves to lick my clit while he gently, slowly pushes that thing into me. My moans, my grins, my groans, my white eyes when I reach the very top of female climax, my screams... it makes him ejaculate ! Which is great : I'm not the only one who's addicted to that proud Realistic newcomer ! ;-) A must-have if the word "big" makes you get wet. A luxury product for pussies that wait for a caring dreams-fullfiller and an unforgettable orgasm-inducer. But beware : I can already guess it may be delightfully addictive. :-0 Lara Difficult not to be jaleous lol !!!!!!!!! Bob - ( nickname )
-Lara and Stan
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