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CyberSkin material in the tip for soft, yet firm penetration. Custom comfort design for maximum satisfaction and fit during use. Fits snugly on your penis. Extends your penis a full 4 solid inches. Virtual Touch CyberSkin, material feels unbelievably real like your own penis. One size fits all. Cut sheath to desired length if necessary. Free sample lube and renew powder included!

Dimensions: 8 inches long x 1 3/4 inches diameter

Product Reviews
My wife loves it. It gives her the most powerful orgasms ever.
This product is great! It came in the mail five days ago and we have used it every night since. I have never seen her so happy. The only flaw we have noticed so far is if you get any lube at all on the inside it will slip.
She liked it to a certain point. She is very tight to begin with and I am 6.5" and 5.75 girth. She took it all the way in doggy style. She was OK until the thick portion where it got really fat toward the base(7.25 girth). She said it burned and hurt due to the circumference. She was not very pleased by it. She made me take it off and we have not used it since.
-chris martin
Make sure your girl can take something big. I love this toy it adds so much girth to the original penis it makes it great. make sure you lube it up really good so that it can go all the way in. it's texture is amazing, the only thing is that the head is smaller that the shaft when my boyfriend put it on. this toy is a must.
New to toys but she loved it. It made her cum very fast and hard. She says it feels so real.
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